The animated video explains science behind energy balance!

The animated video that produced by EUFIC explains science behind the energy balance concept in a clear and engaging way and gives practical tips for a healthy energy balance.

With more than % 30, 3 of adults and % 17, 9 children being overweight in Turkey 1 there is a strong need for innovative yet practical solutions. Understanding the notion of energy balance is relevant for health professionals and society at large.

What is energy balance and why is it important?

Energy balance refers to the energy a person consumes through foods and drinks, in relation to energy used for functioning of the body and physical activity. An imbalance between the two results in a change in body weight. Having a healthy energy balance means being at a stable body weight, with levels of food intake and physical activity that are compatible with good health. At first glance, the concept seems simple: eat less, move more, lose weight. However, the reality is more complex. For example, the body may start using energy more efficiently in response to a large sudden reduction in food intake (e.g. when dieting). An important practical lesson from the research on energy balance is that small and feasible lifestyle changes, compared to large short-term changes, are more likely to lead to a positive sustainable effect on weight management.2

Original version:

Türkiye Halk Sağlığı Kurumu – Obezite, diyabet ve Metabolik Hastalıklar Daire Başkanlığı
Hills AP, Byrne NM, Lindstrom R, Hill JO (2013) Diyette "Ufak Değişiklikler" ve Kilo Yönetimi için Fiziksel Aktivite Davranışları Obezite Gerçekleri ;6(3):228-38


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