Variety Of Foods In Daily Diet

Foods, on the basis of nutritional elements and non-nutritional chemicals are distinctive. None of the food includes distinctive nutritional elements that are necessary for healthy and balanced nutrition.
While some of the foods are rich with respect to some nutritional elements, some of them include very little quantity of them.
To consume several foods can cause lack of some nutritional elements. The more variety foods available in our tables, the more we can obtain a balanced nutrition. Variety Of Foods In Daily Diet

For adequate, balanced, healthy and boosting morale nutrition, instead of consuming much in one or two kinds of food, we should eat a nutritious diet based on a variety of foods.

Foods are distinctive not only with respect to basic nutritional elements but also beneficial and harmful chemicals, which are not nutritional elements. While, some of the foods naturally have some beneficial chemicals, some of them can include harmful chemicals. While some of the foods contain high level of harmful elements such as residue of agricultural drugs, hormones; some of the foods contain few of those substances. If generally foods containing harmful substances cover our daily diet, the amount of harmful elements, which enter into our body increase, whereby our health is affected adversely.

To illustrate, the amount of hormones and residue of agricultural drugs are higher in some of the vegetables, which are cultivated in winter, than seasonal ones. Consequently, seasonal vegetable and fruits should be preferred.

The ingredients of foods are also different with respect to variety of beneficial chemicals. To illustrate, one sort of vegetable or fruit includes a distinctive sort of antioxidant elements, which makes our bodies defence system strong, as opposed to other vegetables and fruits. In that manner, when a pure antioxidant element is given to a person, there exists no protective effect on the health of the person. Nevertheless, through eating diverse kind of vegetables and fruits, we can get several kinds of antioxidant elements, which are beneficial for protecting health of human beings. Foods are needed for our phsiological needs but also affect our spiritual situation. When we come to dinner table, firstly we evaluate the foods on the basis of their appearances. Instead of a dinner table composed of one or two coloured foods, we should prefer a dinner table that is composed of diverse coloured foods that increase desire for food and facilitates digestion. Different coloured dinner tables are a good indicator for the food variety.


For adequate, balanced, healthy and boosting morale nutrition, instead of consuming much in one or two kinds of food, eat variety of foods in small quantities.
Food variety may be obtained preparing one type of food by using different herbs and cooking differently.
One of the features of Turkish cuisine is food variety. This cuisine culture, through some appropriate changes, should be maintained.

Reference: British Nutrition Foundation


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