November 30- December 2, 2018

4th Young Pediatricians Congress

iGrow, a practical mobile application for monitoring of children’s physical development, which was adapted in Turkey by Sabri Ülker Foundation in cooperation with TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) and renewed website of iGrow were introduced to hundreds of pediatricians, physicians and healthcare professionals at the 4th Young Pediatricians Congress. Healthcare professionals stated that iGrow application could both facilitate their works in their professional life, as well as enable parents to follow the physical development of their children and could be a guide for both parents and healthcare professionals.

iGrow is a guide to everyone on children nutrition

iGrow, the first mobile application for children nutrition and monitoring their development in Turkey, provides parents with reliable and scientific source of information under the headings of Advice for Mothers, Baby and Child Nutrition, Colorful and Balanced Recipes on its renewed website.hat the average salt intake in our country reached 3 times of the recommended upper limit, excessive salt consumption and related hypertension and other chronic diseases at the the session.

In addition, the website with the sections of Mothers’ Questions and Mothers Ask, either publishes the answers of the questions asked by mothers previously or the wondered topics are answered by experts.


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