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WHY "Balanced Nutrition Cuisine"?

Nutritional habits can be linked to “finger prints.” The cooking methods , spices used and the way in which different ingredients are combined transforms a single dish into a personalized experience. Some might turn their noses up at the thought of boiled vegetables whilst others will turn boiled vegetables into a delicious meal using a variety of sauces and spices. The most important aspect is to maintain a balanced and adequate diet, and to integrate this into one’s lifestyle. The nutritional value of each food is unique and each food has an individual function in the body. So to consume enough foods from each food group and intake of nutrients to deliver optimum nutritional value is the basis of healthy life.

Here you will find delicious and balanced recipes with "Balanced Nutrition Cuisine"… With each video, you can find out how many calories these foods contain, which are the major nutrients they contain and how they could benefit your body. If you say "no" to slimming diets which are tasteless and monotonous or you say “I live for foods!”, you will appreciate these recipes that are practical, nutritious and delicious to prepare and cook. Tune in now to “Balanced Nutrition Cuisine!


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