European Obesity Summit, EOS 2016

The European Obesity Summit was organized by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the International Federation for the Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) in response to the idea of assembling a joint conference in 2016.


The Summit touched on many issues relating to the prevention and surgical approaches to obesity. Other discussions focused on treating obesity in children and adults including preventative measures, methods of changing behavioral patterns, the importance of physical activity in weight management, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on obesity and other diseases, and a variety of clinical applications.

Sedentary lifestyle makes people prone to diseases

A sedentary lifestyle, meaning a life without physical activity, has been linked to several diseases in the last few years. On the one hand, technology is making human life easier. On the other hand, it is making people sedentary. However, technology can also help mobilize society. Smart phone applications, pedometers, and measurement devices can tell how much activity has been achieved and how much is desirable. These tools are becoming indispensable in societies where people aspire to be more active and lower the risk of obesity and noncommunicable diseases.

We at the Sabri Ülker Foundation believe in establishing the habit of physical activity in tandem with adequate and balanced nutrition from an early age. It is our mission to support and promote healthy lifestyles.

In order to raise awareness of activity and nutrition within Turkish society, we adapted the mobile iGrow application, originally developed by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) for parents to closely track and record the growth and development of children. Because of our interest in this area, we chose to attend the session on “The Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle on Obesity and Related Diseases: Measurements, Guides and Societal Prevention” at the European Obesity Summit.

The session was chaired by Joao Breda, Ph.D., Program Manager, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, World Health Organization Regional Office and Prof. Finn Rasmussen, M.D., from the Department of Public Health Sceinces at the Karolinska Institutet. It focused on the impact of a sedentary lifestyle and obesity on diseases.

Speakers included:

Joao Breda, Ph.D.
Dr. Breda manages programs in 53 countries in the WHO’s European Region and supports compliance with the European Union standards in the fight against childhood obesity. He and his team run the world’s largest and most comprehensive surveillance mechanism for childhood obesity. A frequent presenter at international conferences, Dr. Breda has also written 17 books.
Prof. Luis B. Sardinha
Prof. Sardinha is professor of Exercise and HealthLaboratory, Faculty of Human Movement, Technical University of Lisbon. He specializes in research on sports, nutrition, body composition, the relationship between exercise and health, and the physiology of exercise. Prof. Sardinha has coached for the International Volleyball Federation and served as Science Coordinator for a coalition of European Union experts working on physical activity guides.
Stacy Clemes, Ph.D.
Dr. Clemes, Programme Director for the Human Biology BSc programme at the University of Loughborough. Her research interests focus on the measurement of sedentary behaviour and physical activity in children and adults. She has expertise in intervention research promoting reductions in sedentary behaviour and increases in physical activity in the workplace and school environment.
Prof. Finn Rasmussen, M.D.
Prof Rasmussen’s main area of research is obesity in pregnant women, young children and adolescents. He focuses on observational and community-oriented epidemiological studies.

Session Title: “The Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle on Obesity and Related Diseases: Measurements, Guides and Societal Prevention”

• • 4:00 – 14:05 Introduction: What is the Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle on Health from a Global Viewpoint? Speaker: Joao Breda, Ph.D.

• 14:05 – 14:30 Beyond Sedentary Times: the Phenotypes of Fracturing, Duration and Obesity. Speaker: Prof. Luis B. Sardinha

• 14:30 – 14:55 The Sedentary Lifestyle in Work Life: What are the Health-adverse Effects? Speaker: Stacy Clemes, Ph.D.

• 14:55 – 15:20 The Effects of the Sedentary Lifestyle on Children in Europe: What is the Impact of Obesity on Health? Speaker: Prof. Finn Rasmussen, M.D.

• 15:20 – 15:30 Concluding Remarks and Closing. Speaker: Joao Breda, Ph.D.


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