Medical Doctors and Health Professionals Received Training on Nutrition Science at the Sabri Ülker Foundation Medical Clinic Nutrition and Health Communication Programme

Acting with the awareness of scientific information communication's importance, the Sabri Ulker Foundation has implemented the "Nutrition and Health Communication Programme" and this time, offered it to medical students and health professionals.

The first of the Medical Clinic Nutrition and Health Communication Programme, which was organized to contribute to the nutrition science development of the 4th, 5th, and 6th-year medical students, medical school graduates who are continuing their training in related areas of specialty, and nurses, was held on December 7-8, 2019 at Demiroğlu Bilim University in Istanbul.

The programme was held with 400 participants from the medical schools and health sciences faculties of many different universities, and expert scientists conveyed the basic principles of the relationship between diseases and nutrition.

Participants were certified by the Society Of Nutrition and Food Science, Turkey's only internationally accredited programme.

The training continued for two days
Many topics were discussed on the first day of the programme, such as food safety, macro and micronutrients, healthy nutrition, nutritional psychology, metabolic syndrome, nutrition in diabetes, and diets. On the second day, topics such as nutrition, foods, and popular diets in chronic kidney diseases were discussed. The programme was completed with a workshop aimed to provide participants with experience in conveying scientific information, including patient-client relations, in the field of nutrition to the public in a scientific framework, and moderated by Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir, the founder of the Institute of Communication Sciences. After the training, the participants were awarded the certificate issued by the Society of Nutrition and Food Science, the leading German nutrition and food science community.

Nutrition Health programme

The training was given by leading experts
Students in the Medical Clinic Nutrition and Health Communication Programme were trained by Prof. Dr.Hans Konrad Biesalski, Head of the Nutritional Biochemistry and Food Safety Department at the University of Hohenheim; Prof. Dr. H. Tanju Besler, Vice-Chancellor of Eastern Mediterranean University; Turkish Dietetic Association Board Members Dr. Şeniz Ilgaz and Prof. Dr. Emel Özer; Prof. Dr. Julian Stowell, Research Assistant at Oxford Brookes University; Prof. Dr. Temel Yılmaz, Chairman of the Turkish Diabetes Foundation; Prof. İrfan Erol, Professor at the Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics; Prof. Dr. Tevfik Ecder, Head of the Nephrology Department at Demiroğlu Bilim University; Prof. Dr. Kubilay Karşıdağ, Professor at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine; Dr. Joanna Kaniewska, Food and Health Science Senior Manager at EUFIC; and Prof. Dr. Diana Banati, Professor at the University of Debrecen.


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